About My Editing and Writer Mentoring Services

"Lilli helped edit my book at a level vastly superior to that of any other editor I have worked with, and I am very happy with her results."
Mathew Fontes

I appreciate the recommendation and really enjoyed working with Mat as I have my other clients. Choosing an editor is similar to choosing a doctor or a lawyer. You need technical expertise and a good fit so that, where possible, you can work collaboratively. I have edited poetry (including Spanish to English translations), children's stories, self-help books, magical realism and historical fiction as well as a cowboy romance! Usually, I suggest coaching first, but if you want someone to "just write it!" for you, I can, at reasonable rates. I have ghost written articles on subjects ranging from gypsies in Europe to the latest trends in the real estate market. 

I believe in the power of stories. They help us learn how to live. I made my legal cases compelling by focusing on weaving the truth through the narrative thread. I approach editing wearing the mantle of both poet and retired lawyer, seeking, with the greatest respect, the authentic voice of the client. Although I have come to value silence (especially in my oil painting practice), I know how powerful "giving voice" to our truths can be. I love making art. Good writing is a work of art. Let me teach you how to engage in this "serious play."

Another satisfied client says,

"   Writing is a journey.  To speed you on your way so you can avoid the potholes of storytelling, invite Lilliana Kennedy along as your literary coach.  She has joined me many times and has provided invaluable advice.

    They are your words.  It is your story to tell.  Let Lilliana help you grab readers and pull them into your story.  With her razor-sharp insight and excellent judgment, she continues to be an excellent sounding board for me.

    Lilliana's ability to point out what's missing or how a story begs to be rewritten can provide many "ah-ha!" moments for any writer.  She can make any work in progress smoother no matter whether you're a beginner or seasoned writer."

                                 Jo Ann Bender, an appreciative Kennedy fan

Susan (Life is a Gift - Accept the Presentwrites, "Lillian's directional assessments guide the writer to uncover amazing possibilities.  Her intuition and creative fire lights the path of concise, heartfelt expression.  Worth her weight in gold!" 

"Life is a Gift - Accept the Present"

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